• Murchison Historical Society is open Saturday 10am – 12midday 4 Stevenson Street Murchison in the warmer months as all the
    grey nomads disappear north in winter Please
     contact Kay Ball for further information and brochure on all the historical
    attractions @
    Murchison 0475018743
  • You can drive , ride your bike or walk around town to explore some of the following
  • Days Mill Murchison Days Road Murchison
  • Murchison Rail Trail and interpretive signage Gregory Road Murchison
  • Murchison Railway Bridge @ Campbells Bend Reserve Murchison
  • Camp 13 Internment Camp Murchison , please refer to the Heritage Society for details
  • Ossario Murchison Old Weir Road Murchison
  • Goulburn Weir Nagambie Goulburn Weir Road Nagambie
  • Kirwans Bridge a timber vehicle bridge @ Kirwans Bridge
  • Noorilim Estate Vistorian mansion that will awaze you and they have regular tours
Days Mill
Kirwans Bridge