• Murchison has an easy flat gravel rail trail 8km west from Murchison towards Rushworth
  • Murchison to Nagambie is a road bike ride for the more adventurous. The road is a quiet bitumen back road all the way to Kirwans Bridge a distance of 17km with moderate hills.  You can continue to Nagambie by walking over the 200m long heritage listed historic timber bridge and riding the remaining 5km into Nagambie. Return can be via the Goulburn Valley Highway or back the way you came.

The Murchison Ironbark Rail Trail travels through ancient ironbark forest , Doctors Swamp protected wetlands , grassy woodlands and paddocks. It starts at Impey Street and works its way 8km towards Rushworth to Channel Inlet Road. If you take your time and looks at some features along the way like the big cutting and the historical interpretive signs it could take up to 2 hours to ride.